Angel of the North, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

On a cool evening in the autum of 2008, myself and 3 friends drove to the most visible and famous landmark of the North East of England, the “Angel of the North”. See Wiki for more info about this 20meters tall and 54meters wide edifice.

Little did I  know way back then that I would eventully shoot the wedding ceremonies of everyone present there on that fateful day starting with Mukami in Mombasa, Kenya, followed by Tola in Warri, Nigeria and Deji in Lagos, Nigeria. The interesting coincidence just occurred to me while I was preparing a post about Newcastle Upon Tyne. If you are travelling through Newcastle anytime, this is a sight you would want to miss. Cheers!


Mukami and Tola @ the base of the statue in both pictures. Deji and I were busy taking pictures.Angel_of_the_North_002